If you are looking for a drug lawyer Rockville MD trusts, look no further than the law firm of Daniel J. Wright. Wright has been ranked in the top 100 trial lawyers for his indisputable excellence on getting the job done. Wright knows the inner workings of the court system and is armed with years of experience that he can use to help you accomplish your goals. People convicted of drug crimes make up almost 20 percent of Maryland state prisons. Drug crimes include possession of illegal substances, distribution of illegal substances, and manufacturing of illegal substances. If you have been charged with one of these crimes, immediately contact a drug lawyer Rockville Md relies on to seek council.


Possession or Intent to Sell

There are two categories of drug possession law in the state of Maryland, possession for personal use, and possession with the attempt to distribute. Drug laws are constantly changing and evolving which is why seeking council from a drug lawyer Rockville MD trusts is of the highest importance. Possession for personal use is categorized as a far less serious crime than that of intent to distribute, however it is nothing to take lightly. The nature of the crime can be escalated to a more severe charge if any new evidence is uncovered. If you are charged with possession you should immediately seek council so that we may begin to strategies a defense before charges are escalated.


Factors Taken into Account in a Drug Charge

When you are receiving a drug charge a number of factors may come into play. A drug lawyer Rockville MD relies on can be able to explain to you in detail how crimes can escalate quite quickly. Possession factors include:

  • Quantity and location of drugs found
  • Items that may indicate intent to sell such as a scale or baggies
  • A law enforcement witness of a transfer of possession of the drugs
  • A large amount of cash found in the vehicle or home, or on the accused’s person


Drug Manufacturing

There are very specific and intricate laws surrounding protocol to surveillance. A drug lawyer Rockville MD relies on to know the ins and outs of the court system may be able to help you discern whether or not your rights were violated in the surveillance or search of your home or person. In the case of a wrongful search or surveillance attempt, charges may be dropped.

If you are facing drug charges of any kind it is in your best interests to call a drug lawyer Rockville Md relies on right away. Drug laws are detailed and intricate and a misstep on the side of law enforcement could possibly get your charges dropped. Finding a Rockville drug lawyer you can trusts to fight for your best interests is the important first step once charges are filled so that you can be prepared before you face the threat of escalating charges. Call Daniel J. Wright – a drug lawyer in Rockville Md that you can rely on today at 301-655-8130 for a free consultation.