Competent Legal Counsel

Competent Legal Counsel Rockville, MD  I understand the challenges my clients face in criminal defense, business law, family law matters, and more. In any area, it’s important to seek competent legal counsel sooner rather than later. Check out this chart that shows my areas of expertise!

Five Ways to Settle Business Disputes

Business Law Lawyer Rockville, MD  Business law issues and concerns can be very complicated, invoking numerous aspects of your firm’s overall business strategy and potentially involving numerous state and federal laws. We can use these five steps to negotiate any business disputes: Stop yelling, start talking  Get to the root of the problem  Re-evaluate goals/plans  Use […]

How Body Language Affects Negotiation

Body language is the unspoken and non-verbal mode of communication. We communicate through smiles, frowns, grimaces, eye contact, poise, and gestures. The value of body language is just as important in business negotiations. We can connect to people by establishing a sense of rapport by matching body language patterns. By mimicking others, it can create […]

Workable Solutions for Family Law Matters

Family Law Lawyer Rockville, MD  Family law matters such as divorce and child custody change lives forever. We help clients come up with workable legal solutions that won’t damage the fabric of their family. More than anything, we are here to provide the legal services clients need to put their family law problems behind them and […]

Challenging Tasks for Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal Defense Attorney Rockville, MD  The most challenging and pervasive task of the criminal defense attorney will always be to change the minds of other people. And there are three realities of any juror’s mind that blocks persuasion and make them predictably irrational: The most challenging and pervasive task of the criminal defense attorney will always […]

Prepare Your Client for their Deposition

There are a lot of things to remember when preparing for a deposition. First, it is important to review the case with your client, along with the questions you anticipate will be asked. Practice asking questions to your client, especially the hard ones and follow this advice: Answer only the question asked. For example, if […]

Court Updates

For the past 3 days we have been at the Federal Court in Greenbelt battling for our client, and we successfully reached a “not guilty” verdict! Our client was a federal government employee who was charged with disclosing personal information about employees of the IRS. By arguing that he had no intention or knowledge of […]

Need A Lawyer?

In a family law or criminal defense matter, it is absolutely necessary to find a lawyer who will fight hard for your future. We have been providing effective legal services to Maryland and District of Columbia clients for more than 30 years. Known for our thoroughness, tenacity, and expertise, we have successfully fought to secure […]

Capital Forum

You can watch Dan on The Capital Foru m on Global Television Network (Ch. 271)    

Women Can Overcome Violence

Experienced Trial Attorney Rockville, MD  The epidemic of violence against women has created problems that the legal system has still not found answers for. Any experienced trial attorney will have seen dozens of women show up in his or her office with bruises on their arms, legs, face and chest. The stories can be heartbreaking. But […]