Daniel J. Wright


I like to make a personal investment in my attorney-client relationships, but clients refer me to their friends and family because they value the work I do. Rest assured that with me, you’ll feel secure.

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You deserve a fair shot at justice. My mission is to see you through.

Counsel you can count on

Talk to a real attorney from day one

You shouldn't have to jump through hoops trying to find the person who's supposed to be there for you at every step. From your first phone call to the last, know that it will be me on the other end of the line. Any time you call, I'll have answers ready.

over 35 years of legal experience

Over the decades, I've made sure to fill my time with what matters — expanding my areas of expertise to take on a growing and diverse clientele. It's been my pleasure to help a variety of people learn what they need to know while maintaining focus on succeeding for them when the chips are down.

Helping you reclaim your peace of mind

My advice will feel like it's coming from a friend — because it is. I make your case my top priority, but I also care about counseling you toward your best family arrangement.

"I combine my passion for law with a firm belief
In fighting hard for my clients at every stage of the case."

Guiding you through your legal issue

When you come into my office for the first time, it's important to me that you understand everything you need to know about your legal situation, no matter your specific circumstances. Whether I see you two or three times for a criminal charge or meet with you more substantially for a family law case, I will see you through every stage.

understanding your options

You should rest easier knowing that your outcome isn't set in stone. I'll lay out the options available to you so you understand exactly what's to gain and what's to lose — not just materially but also emotionally, especially when it comes to your family. We'll go through the ramifications of your outcomes and settle on the best course of action.

helping you out of a desperate season and

Steering you in the right direction

Diligent. Assertive. Professional.
Allow me to help you today.

I'm ready to receive you in my office or travel throughout the state to complete what needs to get done. Whether you're in Baltimore, Washington D.C., or right here in Rockville, together we'll cover your bases comprehensively so you're well-prepared for what's to come.

Life is unpredictable. Let's get it back on track.

It’s very hard to prepare for the twists and turns life has in store. You can only control so much. That’s why, when you have to deal with a family issue or an unforeseen criminal charge, you need the help of an experienced attorney to reclaim balance in your life. The sooner we meet to start the process, the sooner you’ll be empowered to do so.

Decades of experience

Over the years, I’ve most enjoyed becoming attuned to the legal needs of my diverse client base, especially when it comes to criminal, family, civil, or business law. For unique cases, I usually like to research the law inside and out until I’m prepared to get you the best outcome.

A reputation for getting good results

One of my favorite parts of the job has been getting to know my clients one by one and, in some cases, developing relationships that last. Here in the Baltimore City area, around Washington D.C. and the entire state of Maryland, I take pride in my reputation for conducting my casework efficiently and diligently.