Child Custody Lawyer Rockville MD

Child Custody Lawyer Rockville MDIf you need a child custody lawyer Rockville MD trusts then you’ve come to the right place. The Law Office of Daniel Wright will fight for your rights, and help steer you through the difficult process of obtaining custody of your child.

Courts often make important decisions in child custody cases on the basis of very questionable testimony, and sometimes make poor decisions. Unfortunately, parent and child must live with those decisions for years. You must present your case in the most positive light possible to the court the first time. You have only one chance to make a positive first impression with the court. In that regard, many parents fail to realize that their behavior in the months leading up to the custody hearing is critical to the success or failure of their case. Daniel Wright is an experienced child custody lawyers Rockville MD residents count on who can help you avoid those mistakes, and achieve a positive resolution of your case.

Child custody cases often take six months to a year from the date of filing to the date of a custody decision. During that time, the parties’ behavior is under the microscope, and will be considered by the court. Parties seeking to gain legal custody need to behave maturely, and consider the effects of their decisions on the children. Daniel Wright is a child custody lawyer in Rockville MD who can help you make sound decisions for the benefit of your children, while avoiding common pitfalls. For example, it is not a good idea to pass messages to the other parent through the children. It is not a good idea to limit telephone access to the non-custodial parent. It is a good idea to take the high road, to make decisions in the best interests of your children, and not to go ballistic over petty infringements caused by the other parent’s insensitivity.

Courts will respond better to a positive plan showing your efforts to achieve a better life for your children than they will mud slinging and degrading the other parent. A child custody lawyer Rockville MD recommends would give advice that every parent get involved in their child’s school, for example. Every parent should go to back-to-school night and get to know their children’s teachers. Then stay in touch with them. Mr. Wright recommends that parents help their children with their homework often. Parents should know how their children are doing in school, how often they have been late or missed classes, and what classes are strong and what classes are weak.

If a parent is being denied visitation, or just wants to have more time with the children than the current schedule provides, then a visit to a child custody lawyer Rockville MD provides, Daniel Wright, may help sort out these issues. Mr. Wright has experience modifying custody and visitation, as well as enforcing visitation orders through contempt proceedings. The courts will not intervene if the violations are trivial – one missed visit or a late return. Some parents try to take advantage of that by consistently gaming the system and refusing to allow visits that are provided in a custody order, or refusing to inform the other parent of important developments in the life of the child. If that is your situation, call a child custody lawyer Rockville MD relies on, Daniel Wright, today.