How will my criminal defense lawyer prepare for my trial?

Drug Lawyer Rockville MDEven though you were charged with a crime, there is no certainty that you will end up in a courtroom, especially when you hire a drug lawyer Rockville MD offers. In fact, with a Rockville MD drug lawyer by your side, your chances of avoiding a trial may be better than you think. At the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright we prepare every case as if it will go to trial so we’re not caught unprepared. We also make every effort to get our client’s charges dismissed or reduced. And very often, Daniel J. Wright is successful. Give us a call at 301-760-3387 to find out how a respected drug lawyer in Rockville MD might be able to help you if you’ve been charged with a criminal offense. We won’t charge you for that first phone call.

Preparation for the Defense of a Criminal Offense

At the time you hire a drug lawyer Rockville MD locals recommend from the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright, we begin preparing your defense immediately. If you have called us soon after your arrest, we can begin protecting your rights from the beginning. This is the legal process for most criminal cases:

1. We will notify the court that you have hired a criminal defense lawyer from our firm. This is referred to as filing an official appearance. It lets the court and the prosecutor that a lawyer from Law Office of Daniel J. Wright is representing you. At that point, no one, not even police detectives, can talk to you without a drug lawyer Rockville MD defendants hire from our firm by your side.
2. We will make sure you understand your rights. You may already know what they are, but you may not know when or how to take advantage of them. Your Law Office of Daniel J. Wright criminal defense lawyer will explain your rights in full.
3. We will review your criminal charge documentation and probable cause affidavit. Any documentation that relates to your investigation, arrest, search of your home, office, or vehicle—all of this is relevant to your case. Your criminal defense lawyer will likely use this information to form your defense strategy.

The Discovery Process

If your case moves to trial, more steps will be involved than if your criminal defense lawyer is able to successfully argue that your charges should be dropped or reduced. If a trail is necessary, the following steps may be necessary:

1. We will file a motion for discovery. This process involves an exchange of information about your case between the defense lawyer and prosecutor. This will include a witness list, evidence, and anything else that exists for your case.
2. We will schedule and conduct depositions. A deposition is a recorded interview with any witness who may be called to the stand during a trial.
3. We will identify and hire experts to dispute the evidence provided by the prosecutor. We work with a network of experts who can examine any evidence such as ballistics or physical evidence to determine if the prosecutor’s conclusions are accurate.
4. We will file preliminary motions. This means that after you hire a drug lawyer Rockville MD residents choose from our firm, we may file a motion with the court that says a particular piece of evidence should not be used against you for whatever reason.

Call Us to Learn More

If you were charged with a criminal offense in the state of Maryland, you will be best served by turning to an experienced lawyer who handles criminal cases. At the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright, a drug lawyer Rockville MD community members rely on to protect their rights can review your case for free when you call 301-760-3387.