Child Visitation

If you are seeking visitation rights to minor-aged relatives, a child visitation lawyer Rockville MD trusts may be able to help you receive visitation rights to the child. Child visitation laws dictate the rights of noncustodial parents. This includes if they are allowed to spend time with the child, how much time, and the circumstances of the visits. In the case of the parents’ legal separation or divorce, the court can make two rulings in regards to the custody: legal custody and physical custody.

Common Child Custody Issues

A wide number of legal disputes can emerge with respect to child visitation. After a couple splits, very often the relationship turns hostile. This can make it difficult to come to an agreement on the terms and conditions of child custody arrangements. The services of a Rockville child visitation lawyer can be beneficial as he or she can offer a non-emotional and objective legal perspective. It may take as long as nine months for the court to make a ruling regarding one or more custody issues. A lawyer can help you avoid court by negotiating the following on your behalf:

  • Visitation times. All too often, parents are not able to agree on a visitation schedule. This often requires the court to review the situation and subsequently decide on the matter. Once the court determines the child visitation schedule, one parent may later decide not to abide by the schedule for any given reason. This can lead to a disagreement between the two parties.
  • Parenting choices. Contention can occur when either parent does not agree with the other parent’s decisions made on behalf of the child such as religious upbringing, educational choices, and other important matters. A child visitation lawyer in Rockville MD such as Daniel J. Wright may be able to help you negotiate changes to the original child visitation agreement that satisfies both sides. In this way, you can avoid returning to court.

Protect Your Rights

A skilled child visitation lawyer Rockville MD residents deserve can guide you toward an understanding of your legal rights and ensure your rights are protected. We understand that every situation is unique and holds its own set of challenges and circumstances. It may be advantageous to review your situation with a child visitation lawyer Rockville MD residents recommend. Daniel J. Wright has a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in this area of the law. He has assisted many parents who were in the midst of difficult child visitation issues. If you a parent, grandparent, or legally recognized guardian, Daniel J. Wright may be able to help you.

Receive a Free Case Review

If you need help applying for modification of a child custody arrangement, or to receive first-time court approved visitations, call Daniel J. Wright to request a free case review. A child visitation lawyer Rockville MD is proud to offer can offer the legal guidance you need. Call Daniel J. Wright to request your free consultation. Take this opportunity to speak with a child visitation lawyer Rockville MD families turn to for answers and call.